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Tips and tricks for the household budget: So you have the finances under control

“Oh, if at the end of the money only not so much month would be left.” You know this situation in your finances well? You’re not alone with that. Many people find it particularly difficult to reach the household budget towards the end of the month. There is a desire to finally get the finances under control. And the good news is: Arranging your finances is easy with little effort and thoughtful budgeting. We’ll show you how to keep an eye on your household budget with simple means such as a household book and always be well informed about your finances (income and expenses). And should the household budget at the end of the month but not enough, as an unexpected issue (eg for a repair) is pending, then we have a tip for you!

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The budget book – that’s how you keep your budget in writing

An orderly household budget, many want but to keep a budget book to keep the household budget in mind – that deters as many. It does not have to be! No bookkeeping skills are required to keep a household book. Your logical mind and the basic operations “add” and “subtract” are enough to get the finances under control. First comes in the household budget, the sum of your income such as wages, salary, child benefit, other income, etc. Thus, the household budget is initially well filled. Now you have to deduct from it the sum of the expenses. On the one hand, these are fixed costs – in other words, costs that burden your household budget at the same rate each month (eg rent) and the variable costs, which fluctuate monthly. Here it is recommended to enter the average value. What is left to you after deducting the total costs is your monthly free budget. You mean, such a housekeeping via budget book sounds in theory quite well, but how does that look in practice? The Xpresscredit team tells you.

The household budget in view – the finances in the checkerblock block

The household budget in view - the finances in the checkerblock block

You do not even need a PC to organize your finances. Buy a checkered DIN-A4 block and divide the sheet widthwise into columns (months) and rows (revenue minus costs). When looking at the annual budget, you will find that some payments are made monthly and not monthly. By registering these costs, you have the household budget in view and are not surprised by these annual costs.

Our tip: You can also divide the annual payments by 12 and distribute them over the months. Although the money is due only at the end of the year, but so you have an idea during the year, what is coming up to you and can align your housekeeping accordingly.

The electronic household book – with the PC or smartphone it is even easier

The electronic household book - with the PC or smartphone it is even easier

For many, PC and laptop have long been part of everyday life. A spreadsheet included in just about any office software (such as Windows Excel) makes housekeeping even easier with the household budget. Meanwhile there are numerous apps for your Smartphone for household cash registers, which make the listing of your costs more easily and quickly accessible. Columns and rows are already visible in the table. Here you enter the revenue and cost centers with the respective amounts.

Our tip: With simple “sum formulas” you automate the calculations and keep the overview. You can immediately see how changes per month and year will affect your finances. Even if you order a short time to borrow money want to apply for a loan, have the family budget in mind and will experience in your financial management no surprises. Especially the latter does not sound bad, but how does a bridging loan actually work?

Overcome a financial bottleneck with the bridging loan

As the name suggests, the bridging loan is not a long-term loan with repayment installments – the bridging loan should serve to overcome a bottleneck until the next salary payment. And there are many reasons to apply for such a loan. If unplanned bills for repairs or back payments end up in the mailbox, the bridging loan is a good solution.

With Xpresscredit’s bridging loan, you can apply for a loan and borrow money until the next payday. So you overcome financial shortages and can pay your bills on time without running the risk of receiving reminders. The bridging loan from Xpresscredit you can easily repay in two installments – so when you apply for a credit overview of the finances and your household budget always under control. In the following month, the belt would have to be strapped a little tighter and saved, but so can borrow several times a year with the bridging loan from Xpresscredit money .


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